MMORPGs* create worlds in which players from all over the globe interact and bond with each other to complete tasks within the game and within the structure of their characters' mutual environment.

For some, these bonds are cut as soon as they log out, but for many, lasting friendships are made beyond the bounds of the game. Often, players may not even realize the effect of others' influence on their own lives until that influence is gone.

When people die in our Real Life, there many traditional ways to cope with that loss. Losing an online friend is uniquely painful. Though one may not ever have met that person offline, with their Real Life death one recognizes how much they have affected one's own life.
But how does one cope with the death of such a friend? Perhaps an out-of-game relationship has formed, perhaps the relationship never got past character names; in either case, pain is felt with the news that a player is gone forever.

Mourning death is never easy, but mourning a person one has never met can be especially difficult. In effort to help heal the heart wounds caused by such a loss, we here endeavor to keep alive the memories of our fallen peers.

*Massively Multi-player On-line Role Playing Games

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